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(cross posting a couple places to try to get answers, sorry if I spam anyone's friends page)

I am all sorts of excited for the fact that this MMO is going free to play soon...but I am also trepidatious, seeing as the one and only piece of information I can NOT locate anywhere on their site or on DDO's (same company, fairly similar model so I'd assume it would be the same) is how it might work with multiple people playing from the same household. You need a product key to create an account. You are initially limited to one character per server on your account if playing for free. If you get a product key by downloading the game for free, that's all well and good, but then people would get around the character restriction simply by installing the game on multiple computers, so it would be pointless...it can't be that simple.

I kinda doubt it's going to be possible for both Jim and I to play this game...and if it is I suspect we'll each be bound to a certain installation, which would leave me playing it on the cruddy computer that will probably have issues with running it...so I kinda suspect I'm getting excited over nothing, 'cause that's not worth the trouble.

If anyone knows how the heck this actually works...actually has an LOTRO or DDO account...please let me know...
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It's always the pickles. >.>

How is everyone? It's been a couple glacial ages since I posted much here.

I'm doing quite well. I am determined to squeeze anything I can out of this life. I'm getting myself as healthy as I can. My short term goal is to get myself able to handle being active enough to handle both going to the library regularly again (at some point I'd like to start volunteering there, if they'll have me) and going to see T regularly as well. Just see him, really short term, not necessarily ride, just groom him and let him graze and stuff if that's all I'm up for...

I have nearly finished watching Gundam Wing and Buffy just lately. Yes, I was "mostly" through Gundam Wing ages and ages ago, we keep going on to other things for long whiles before coming back to it. Only two disks away though, so this time it really should be soon. XDDD

I really, really hope that The Last Unicorn movie gets made somehow some day. The sooner the better. Because if it takes so long that Christopher Lee is...retired...(I will not even think that other thing) and cannot reprise his role as King Haggard...I will cry, and then I will find any and all people involved with the delays and roast them alive. Seriously. Okay, not seriously. XD

I wish I could remember even half of the stuff I wanted to post about over the past several months...all I can come up with is so freaking boring...

I do still intend to finish my LotR quiz at some point...it's gonna drive me a teeny bit crazy for many long ages to come.

We got a new ps2 maybe...six months ago, I'm guessing? Maybe a little more, even. Anyway, it's awesome not having to wait five minutes for stuff to load, and even better to finally be able to play Tekken Tag again! My fav game in the series.

We still don't have any of the next generation of consoles, but there aren't really that many great games out for them yet, imo, so that's no biggie. We'll get them eventually I'm sure.

Actually one of the games I've become excessively addicted to lately is Metroid. Yes, the original for the NES. Old school ftw. XDDDD

That's enough inane babble for now, I feel sick posting so much useless non-info. I'll come back when I have something meaningful to say.

Oh! I'm gearing up for NaNo early this year...getting an idea together for it now, that's at least slightly geared for NaNo because last year didn't go so well with trying to write one of the novels I've been planning for ages...that was at least mostly due to my health, but I still don't want to try that again after falling on my face...I don't even know whether to count it as an attempt though, I gave up pretty early for all practical purposes and only got like 2,000 words. Anywho, my inclination is to not count it, but that's more because I can't deal with the idea of having tried and failed than anything else. XD
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What the heck happened to my xcolibur? I can't find anything...what was all that stuff about them never updating this again? Now I have a bunch of links to weird stats that I don't care about, my scrapbook is under "profile" which makes no sense, and I can't find any of the stuff that used to be under the now defunct "tools" which was mostly all I used...like the comments page...that was awesome. *headdesk* What is wrong with LJ?

Oh, so, so much...

Wait, I just finally noticed it...in the middle under "journal" which I guess makes as much sense as anything...totally wasn't there five seconds ago, really. XD

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^Go there my lovelies! The Classical Hour hath already begun in all its mighty glory, and Mike's show shall follow hot on its heels this week as he shan't be able to broadcast at his usual Sunday time slot (due to the station wanting only mushy Valentines-y music or some such, I think). So flee! Get thee to thine speakers and listen most rapturously! For this shall be a very special few hours indeed, filled with good music and laughter and the throws (yes, throws, not throesXP) of insanity!
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A reminder? or else the first post I've made about something I've been meaning to do forever. You remember how I was all addicted to Mike's show on which he played all the awesome symphonic metal and stuff? And then my brudder Jim got his own show? And then he got another show? Yes? No?

Well, anyway, that's what happened. And Whiplash Radio is no more...'tis now all on Ocean Front Jams.

So. Mike's show, The That Which Must Not Be Named Show, is Sunday 4-6 pm Central. Jim's metal type show, The Maelstrom, is Thursday 9pm-12ish. YES HE WILL BE ON TONIGHT which is why I thunk of it. The Classical Hour, Jim's other show, is Saturday 11am-12 (also sometimes goes a little later, depends). Please remember to tune in for these, people, because they is awesome. That is all.

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Wait a--how did--what the--?

It's Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas all!

Seriously, I would've sworn it was the twenty-third when I woke up today...and it feels a few days earlier still.

Star Wars marathon on Spike! YAYS! *watching the AT-ATs closing in on the rebel base* Dang, I love these movies!

In other news, there is much fan-girling
So, since I have some links in my saved draft here I really need to make a brief plug for my good friend the_least's comic Crimson Dark. And no, I don't need to because he's my friend (I'm not shy about telling people I think their stuff isn't up to snuff or at least just isn't my kind of thing), I need to because it honestly just rocks. I was thinking about it after getting addicted to it again a couple weeks back and blazing through a chapter and a half in one sitting (I finished chapter four, still need to make up four more! Boy I got pretty far behind there. =o.o= Think I kinda like it that way though, waiting for updates would be torment.). And I think this is my favoritest sci-fi story in any medium after Firefly and Star Wars. I like this better than anything else I can think of (no specific examples provided because I don't want to sound like I'm knocking anything else or have this turn into some discussion about what the "best" science fiction ever was). I mean, seriously, it is not every day that something comes along that shoots that high up on my list. I like to keep things the way they are because I'm stubborn and nostalgic and the OCD-Imp is highly resistant to change. This kinda has me all "Kitty can't believe it!" =0.0=
Of course, I have been known to get a little over-enthusiastic about things and make some sweeping statements like this that turn out not to be true. If this turns out to be one of those cases you all have my sincere apologies. =^.^;;=

I seriously can't recommend this enough to anyone that likes sci-fi or just general great writing and epic plots and wit and awesome, believable, sometimes quirky characters and WOULD YOU FREAKING LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THE ART IS?

I get so lost sometimes in the sea of detail in the nebulae and the vast star fields and the gorgeous planets and the PRETTY ASPLOSIONS!!!

Also, the many and diverse ship designs continually delight me. Seriously, when I got my first good look at the oh so sleek and deadly Durandal marauder it was a long while before I could stop squeeing.

And you wanna know what the truly remarkable thing is? However good the visuals are they always get better over time. Little things are corrected, tweaked, perfected, that I didn't even realize were wrong until I see how much better the new versions are. I especially loved when the reflections were added to the eyes...when I saw it I remembered vaguely thinking that sometimes the eyes did look just a little dead in some of the earlier pages, and thinking how completely opposite that was all of a sudden...dang.

And it's not just that everything looks real or nearly real, or the fact that there's all this detail. It's the way the scenes are set, it's the lighting, it's the camera angles, it's every. last. little. thing.

To top it all off, I've just spent a good sized post rambling about the visuals which aren't even my favorite part. They're amazing, but I'm sure I would have gotten bored with them a long time ago if it wasn't for the writing. It's the characters and story that really make it for me. The plot is quite epic imo, but still firmly based around those amazing characters, and there's still room for some startlingly everyday scenes at times.

And those characters. The kind that make me talk to my computer monitor. "Me too!" and "Oh...wow." and "You really are an a-hole, aren't you?" and "BWAHAHAHAHAHA! WHISPER!!!! Oh, I love you."

The thing is, I don't really want to babble too much about plot and characters 'cause that'd get spoiler-filled right quick. So I leave you to marvel at the visuals. And hopefully interested enough to start reading. Because I MASSIVELY ADORE this comic right now, and I just need someone to adore it with me. XDDDDDDD

Okay, that's enough of the fan-girling for now. XD If anyone's interested I have found a few other comics I rather like, mostly from links posted on CD or links found through links or occasionally listening to the Gigcast. My favorite out of these is Gunnerkrigg Court because it is just too delightfully quirky. XD I've only read the first chapter of that though.

Wow, in the time it took me to finish this now R2 and 3PO have just come to Jabba. Went through a whole movie. And not a short one. Yeah, I need to learn how to brain more quickly. Of course I was multi-tasking a bit...but not much.
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It's getting to be that wonderful, terrible time of year. An early happy Christmas, Hanukkah, or plain old solstice to everyone. After all, who knows when the next time I update will be. *laughs*

I've been thinking about my journal a lot lately...thinking about it but never posting in it. Strange how that works. I have been trying (and mostly failing XDD) to get myself motivated to do more things in real life, so that's part of it. I guess I've also started to grow beyond the point that it's helpful for me to journal about stuff to make sense of it or decide what to do. My own thoughts are a bit more organized and I'm less inclined to panic...about some things anyway. ^_^;; So yeah. That's a good thing. But I should still check in more often than I do because you folks are awesome.

Thanksgiving was awesome this year. Especially the potatoes. And the pumpkin cookies. In general, my family rocks. =^.^= Oh, and Jim has gotten better and better at playing guitar. It's always fun to listen to him playing when we all get together. 'Tis prettyful.

So...what else is new? Jim and I watched season one of Leverage together, that's a good show. And it has Christian Kane, the guy who played Lindsey from Angel. He's fun. ^^

You know, I keep wondering if some day I should take some massage therapy classes. I seem to have something of a talent for it...I just had to figure out how to stop myself from aching quite so much constantly and it turns out it works for others too...but maybe it's only people in my family. I mean, it'd make sense we'd tend to have the same problems. Hmm.

Well...I'm here pretending everything is all right (which is pretty close to true, really), because it's more fun than thinking in circles about things I can't change. And eventually the pretending becomes the reality, because I'm learning more and more how to bounce back from things. Random drama like this is quick to pass if you don't indulge it. And I have no doubt at all that I made the right decision. The only problem with all that is I'm still going to miss my friends from the site where it all went down...but hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with at least one of them. *crosses fingers* At any rate, being something of a mix but way more introverted than extroverted means I was becoming a very depressing person to be around, and I sure wasn't having any fun anymore.

Introverts, to over-simplify it, are not anti-social, but people who find other people tiring. I can't handle people wanting to interact with me and not giving me any time to recover. If someone forces me into that situation (thank goodness so few do) it always deteriorates until the only thing for me to do is leave and break all ties. *shakes head*

Am I the only one around here that feels that way? Just how much of an anomaly is this?
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Yeah, I actually logged in to LJ. Holy wow.

So, today I went to a larp. Yes, I am that much of a nerd! It was so much fun, even though I really kind of...underplayed my character. I mean, that was more or less in character, but I spoke up a little too rarely...but that's in part because my character didn't really know any information relevant to the trial that was going on and was just determined to make up her own mind about it...and boy that plot was complicated! I think it was significantly less complicated than the average larp though. Because geeks are insane. And most of them are much, much smarter than me.

So...for those who don't know. Larp=live action role-play, which depending on who you ask is either a bunch of geeks bashing each other with enchanted weapons (made of foam) until everyone's dead, like WoW in real life, or it's more or less an improvised play, which is what this was. You're given the background info that your character knows and a set of objectives to achieve (or attempt to achieve, of course often one character's objectives will be at odds with another's so they can't all come out in the end). You can do or say basically anything as long as it's in character, but depending on the larp there might be certain plot points that have to occur for it to end or certain mechanics used to decide the outcome of battles, etc. This one was much more open-ended in that regard, which...basically simplified it a lot, too, I think, so it was a really good larp for a first timer just getting her feet wet.

Aaaaanyway, this was a Middle-earth setting but not the most typical one, set in the small town of Fennas Drúnin after the initial uprising of the Witch King made the kingdom of Rhudaur go away, so it's kinda this tiny little island of civilization on the border of empty wilderness, though not far from Cardolan which...still half exists at this point--but didn't come into play whatsoever in the game (Arthedain, Cardolan and Rhudaur were the three kingdoms into which Arnor was broken due to civil war, if there are any fellow Tolkien nerds who still aren't following that). This town is run by a Council (led by a Mayor) that manages taxes and maintaining the walls and such, and also has the ability to try and sentence criminals...I was one of the Council members. The new one, trying to establish myself but afraid of alienating the others and losing my position entirely. Dunlendings are not meant to be on the Council, according to most, much less Dunlending women. Jim was also a Council member, and Mike was the bargeman that had all the stories and rumors to tell that he never really knew the truth of for himself. XD It was a fun role.

On a random note, you'd be surprised how many different ways there are to butcher the seemingly innocuous word "Dunlending." Maybe I should have been offended. XP

So, the concept of this larp was very interesting. While as I said there were no gameplay mechanics, no battle, and while there were definite elements of the mystery story there wasn't exactly a definitive way to unravel everything in the game...it was just a game of debate and even politics, and deciding who you trust more.

And somehow by the end Jim ended up being the Mayor, which was amusing in the way he was clearly NOT expecting it at all. XDDD Also, there were many extremely amusing semi-ooc comments made during this play, and most amusingly the writer of the game filled in for the other gm/referee/npc when there was one point he couldn't remember or find in his character sheet. Someone asked if he was related to that other guy we were just talking to. XDDD

Anyway, there were headaches involved, literal and figurative, but on the whole I had a blast, and I'd love to do more of this. I'd still better stick to minor roles, considering how much I had to push myself to do even as much as I did (I swear, as it turns out I had like one piece of relevant information to disclose through this whole game and doing so made me shake like a leaf even though I didn't feel emotional or nervous, or much of anything at all; this was some much deeper gut reaction, and I guess I just must be much shyer than I even knew I was!), and how confused I got especially earlier on...but seriously, this was ridiculous loads of fun and incredibly nerdy, and these people were all wonderful and had great senses of humor, and the whole concept is just so darned intriguing...I can hardly wait for the next one!
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There once was a shoe that lived in a tree. It ate all the clouds and the honey and the dew. Then it fell out of the withershins and through the plains of neverwhere, and all the anteaters cried and threw their microscopes into the air.

The end.


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Just go there and read the thing. The actual text of this bill, not some biased article about it or anything. I got several paragraphs in and just couldn't take it anymore.

This bill abolishes all small and/or organic farms. In the name of "food safety." Could it be more ironic?

So. The government gets to decide that ridiculous million dollar equipment is mandatory for farms. You have to keep track of every grain of wheat or you're going to be in huge trouble, because it's both illegal and punishable by a $500,000 fine to have false information in the detailed records of your food which the feds might come and examine at any time, and also to alter those records. Catch 22 much?

The government decides when and with what farms should be fertilized, what drugs animals should be given, just frigging EVERYTHING.

Obama claims he's going to support small farmers and then the first thing he does is try to rush this through with the typical lack of anyone getting to know anything about it. God, help me, I can't take it anymore.

My friendses, and any passersby that happen to care, there is a petition, and I'd ask that you sign it, because if all we're left with is the huge corporate farms that have a vague prayer of compliance with this then food prices are going to skyrocket and it's just one more brick in the wall of the downfall of our country and constitution. Not the end of the world, but it's at least that. I on the other hand have a pretty high personal stake in this. I know and admire some people involved in small farming and would hate to see them lose their chance at the life they love, and I'll be in huge trouble with my health because I have a strong tendency to be allergic to or otherwise have bad reactions to pesticides, antibiotics, etc.

Sign it. Please!
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I started one of those dragcave thingies, and I really, really want my eggs to hatch and more importantly NOT DIE. Please click on them? I'm http://dragcave.net/user/calaloke or you could click on the images below to help the little saurians along or set yourself up with your own.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Come on, It'll only take a few seconds and they're frigging gorgeous once they're grown up. And I've seen full grown dragons with as few as 10 clicks, though it's also based on unique views and I don't know those stats for that dragon, but still. I would think if all my buddies from here click on them they ought to hatch and maybe even grow up just fine right quick.
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I am nerdier than 62% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and write on the nerd forum!

How can this be? Well, I always knew it. Even with nerdishness I don't really fit, and I only wish I was as nerdy and intelligent as the real deal. Computers wouldn't hate me the way they do if I was a true nerd. *sighs* Sometimes life would be easier if I had this convenient label. It's definitely the one to which I am the closest.

Ah well, most times I prefer being a freak and misfit. ;)
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Have you ever thought you knew the words to a song and then been shocked to find out what the lyrics really were? What was the song? Did you like your version better?

Well then...

Yeah, this is an old one, I meant to post this when I first saw it but that kinda didn't happen, because the DSL has not cured my laziness and short (more like variable? ADD-ish?) attention span.

So, late, yet not unwelcome I trust, I present my own list of Truly Ridiculous Mondegreens, in which I humiliate myself Most Terribly for the Benefit and Amusement of my Dear Friends.

Mondegreens is the the non-technical technical terms for misheard lyrics or phrases, from a columnist who first wrote about them I believe in the fifties, recounting how when she was a girl she loved a Scottish ballad that went "And they have slain the Duke of Murray and the Lady Mondegreen," which she thought was so noble and tragic, the Lady dying for her lord, but as it turned out actually they slew the Duke of Murray and "they laid him on the green." Ooooops. XDDDDDDDDDDD

I have several doozies to my record. The worst to come to mind off-hand is "Nine days we braved her might" from the Odyssey by Symphony X, best band ever btw, even officially inching out the Chieftains imho after a couple years angsting over that one. I knew it couldn't be right, but one of the first times I listened to the song trying to figure out the lyrics I heard "Nine days we wait in line" and I just couldn't get it out of my head no matter how hard I tried, I just heard that every single time. These things can just get deep into your brain sometimes...a lot of these are like that, I would like to stress, I didn't actually think what I heard was what was sung (even I'm not quite that crazy), I just couldn't convince my brain not to anticipate what it strangely thought should go there. Or else I already knew what it was and it just randomly sounded like something else one day when I was tired or not paying enough attention or for no real reason at all. Excepting when that happens I'm actually fairly good at picking out lyrics when I try.

Second place goes to Irresistible by The Corrs.
Real lyrics: If you'll just let me show you, I'll be your summer rain
My brain: I'll be your celery

I spent countless minutes laughing at myself trying to figure it out before I finally caved and looked it up online when it started bugging me. Good times.

Now I'll just throw them out as they come to me, and probably edit more in later (and possibly organize this a little better while I'm at it). I've quite the collection. And btw, for those so inclined, amiright.com is a good site for mondegreens (or used to be, now that I actually went there the layout gives me a headache and I want the old one back but I assume all the good stuff is still there if you figure out how to find it), and there are a lot of hilarious misheard Nightwish misheard videos on youtube, though they've become such a fad there are many cruddy ones also.

Cut for those not interested and because this is a tall post, even if there aren't that many words in it...compared to my usual anyway.Collapse )
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Yeah, been a while. I didn't even do a good job of checking the friends page the last week or two, shame. And I have no excuse! Well, I have a weird lame one for not posting, lol. It just feels weird and awkward to me to go on to other things in my journal before I figure out what to call this icontest I want to start and actually do something about that. There's some things about this that I need to have a talk with the OCD-Imp about, because it doesn't do any good to abandon a site entirely for such a long while--it certainly doesn't help me be more creative in regards to it. I almost missed the voting on an utterly adorable bunny themed icontest on account of this, too.

Also I imagine I wanted to delay posting that baby Lillian did pass on very shortly after I originally posted about her. It's all so sad. SIDS is about the cruelest thing in the universe. So sad thinking about all the things she never got to do...but I guess she's got the chance in heaven now, so that's kind of all right if you think about it. Requiescat in pace, you dear little girl.

Well, anywho.

I've been doing various things. I really do need to start making posts about all the stupid cartoons that I love because that saga has become more important to me than it rightly should be. *sigh* So few of them left. If I didn't like writing novels so much more I'd think of trying to write cartoons/kids shows because there's absolutely no quality left in the market.

So, I have discovered that now DVDs at my library are one week checkout and we get one renewal on them, instead of three days and no renewals, and we can have ten on our cards at once (up from five). SO MUCH WIN!!!! Though the section for the new/popular DVDs is still the old system. Makes sense. So. This has allowed me to finish watching seasons 1 and 2 of the original British Whose Line is it Anyway? and season one of Freakazoid. Yeah, I'm a dork. Any show that's just completely random and insane I can't get enough of. Nowadays even more so if it spoofs superhero cartoons when I've been watching so many of the real thing recently-ish. And along those lines I have Superman: The Animated Series season one to watch, which is great because the library didn't have a copy of that for a while and I assumed they weren't getting another one but obviously they did! Yay!

I've been spending truly atrocious amounts of time on Neopets lately. And I've created my max number of side accounts now, too, and they will undoubtedly all be full in time...or nearly so. I don't think I want all the different kinds of pets I thought I did when I looked more closely at the redraws, so unless I get lucky enough to find someone willing to trade their UC pet to me (fat chance, and it's so much more important to me to make absotively sure a pet was going to a caring, responsible, long-term owner than to get a nice pet in return)...yeah, I don't want a Hissi, Koi, Cybunny, Xweetok, or Lutari, not that I could've had one of those anyway.

Well, that's some of the boring fun stuff I've been doing. And here's some random quizzesCollapse )
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Reading my friends page now I learned of a three month old little girl named Lillian who suddenly stopped breathing Monday and now is in the hospital and not expected to live.

I don't know the family, indeed I don't even know the man who posted about this originally (George R. R. Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire which I enjoy immensely--he asked his readers for prayers), but you can't help being affected by these kinds of things. So, I'm asking my friends to join me in prayer. And I feel like there's something else I should say here but I don't know what it is...and again with the tired...I'm always tired these days...so I guess that's all for now...

* * *
Since searchingstars and my brother have signed on with the icontest idea I think I'm just going to go ahead with it and hope for the best. If I don't I'll probably never do it, you know? And it's not going to work if I don't get serious and start promoting/affiliating some, you know. And of course it's good to just create the community asap so I can get a good name for it. Problem being that I have no idea what I should call it.

Help please? Anyone have an idea of a good name for a general icontest?

There are other things to be decided of course, but let's just talk about those later after this most vital point is decided on. It seems very strange and silly that I'm not creative enough to come up with something.

EDIT: I do rather like the idea of something with the word challenge, but beyond that I can't really think of anything. Of course the real obvious ones like iconchallenge are long since taken.
* * *
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With what LJ just did, and I'm sure I don't have to explain it to anyone, I'm always the last to know, this seems like the silliest possible time to be thinking of this, but seeing as it's ever sillier to assume the site is going to imploding for no reason in a few days I figure I'll go through with it just to prove the point...and because I've already wasted enough time on this post to stubbornly worry at it like a demented terrier until I GET something out of it!

Some of you know I used to have quite a lot of fun over at the icontest comm 100x100beauty and will no doubt be doing so again now that it has reemerged from its slumber with pieds_joyeux at the helm. I have also joined themed_icons which looks to be fairly similar and a nice active place.

I know that should be more than enough to keep me busy, and yet I am considering making my own icontest comm now more than ever. Crazy, huh? But it's been going around my brain on and off for a while now, and my love for those places is at the moment only making my desire to do so even stronger.

I'm sure I could find a few more places that have rules that I find followable if I look hard enough. That's not really the issue, though it is true that 100x100 going away for a while scared me on that point. The issue is, I think it would be fun, and I'd learn even more, and that even 100x100 is getting to be a bit too structured for someone like the girl I was when I first joined it to consider doing so now.

I'd like to make a community that would still have enough interest and challenge for the kind of great, experienced icon-makers I admire but still be really laid back about certain things, without a whole lot of complicated rules and polls and things (of course there'd have to be some for it work at all, I'm not that stupid, but I just mean keeping them to the amount you'd need for it to function and explaining things up-front), and maybe with like a sister community where we could post tutorials and brushes and other stuff to help out the beginning types. Maybe even let said beginners pose questions there. It'd be a perfect playground for me, and I think it might have an audience that would find it very helpful...if my own experience is anything to go by (but really who knows if it is?).

So far I've been jonesing for more icon-making challenges, too. There hasn't been enough posting in those comms with the holidays and all.

Anyway, I can only imagine it as being a rather general icontest as opposed to one with an ongoing theme, probably I'd do the same thing as themed_icons and just have people write a suggestion for themes and we use the winner's suggestion for the next challenge...or, I could do that and alternate whatever I feel like challenges so that I can force all these hypothetical wonderful people to make icons about subjects I like! IF THEY FEEL LIKE IT! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, 'cause I'm like, evil like that, and stuff, and junk, and whatnot. I think generally an upper limit of five icons per person is good, that really seemed perfect to me in the old days of 100x100, enough that I mostly didn't have to abandon ideas that I really loved but also few enough that I really had to come down to it and make some tough decisions and trim the fat. At the moment I'm leaning toward a two week time limit, with the whole being laid back idea, but that might change upon further reflection or if I get some helpful feedback explaining why it's stupid. Of course, doing that makes me want to make another contest be going on at the same time, a new one starting every week but the first not finishing until the week after, but that kind of kills that whole simplicity idea. So yeah, that's not gonna happen.

So...basically I'm posting here to see if anyone would be even vaguely interested in helping me out with this. Some of my friends are really good icon-makers, but I have no idea if they'd want to help out. kirin76 for instance is a great icon-maker but hardly has time to post on LJ anymore and has quite enough icontests on her plate that adding one just because it's her friend's baby might not be such a great idea...besides that I know aracelebearwen and searchingstars are good, but no clue if they'd care about this. I have a few ideas of people I don't know all that well but whose work I really admire that I'd like to invite if I saw a spark of hope for this thing. I'd need at least a couple people to start this thing off...hopefully I could draft my brother to help out with modding if not to enter the contests much.

Then there's the whole problem of banners for the winners. Sure, I could make them if I had to, but they wouldn't likely turn out to be the kind of thing anyone would want to display. So really if I can't figure out someone to handle that this is probably not going to work, unless I really surprise myself. I've never tried to make anything other than avatars before, and it's kinda a whole different world with that stuff. Not entirely of course, but close enough for me when I'm so mediocre at all of this in the first place, and severely limited in what I can do by only having Photoshop Elements, and still learning most of everything there is to learn about that program.

I'm so tired now. I should really, really be in bed now. I hope I was sort of coherent and I didn't revert to old versions of ideas in my semi-wakefulness. At this point I'm so sick of waiting I'm going to push post and hope for the best and leave the rest up to editing later.
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I seem to be singing that song an awful lot these days. Many people have been dying the past several years that were on my list of people who were not allowed to do so. Right now the lady in question is Eartha Kitt. I was just thinking a couple months ago how her voice alone is the thing that makes it worth watching The Emperor's New School every now and then when I'm bored. She was just so hilarious as Yzma, and I've always been fascinated by sound and language and the human voice, and hers was so utterly unique. What a terrible loss. I probably wouldn't have heard for a long time without having the internets back and at high speed, it's kind of a double edged sword that way but my not knowing wouldn't make it any less true. I always prefer to know. To at least be aware of where I stand.

Catwoman was always one of the characters that seemed most herself to me on that crazy old TV series. I do love that show and hate it. It's funny because it's bad on purpose, but I can only take so much of it at a time! Seriously...Waynebow. *facepalm* That poor horsie. lol. She and the Joker and the Penguin must be my faves from that. I dare say Eartha's Catwoman is the only one that's a legitimate rival in my heart for the best portrayal of the role with the Batman: The Animated Series people. She was so beautiful and saucy and perfect. I almost want to cry.

You get back down here this instant, my dear lady. I told you you weren't allowed...
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Just wanted to let everyone know that Whiplash Radio is now no more. Hasn't been for a while now...at least a few months, I really haven't been paying attention. I meant to at least drop by and post about that as soon as it happened, but...*sigh*

Yeah, it's been that long since I posted anything here beyond hi and bye or NaNo stuff, lol.

ANYWAY, point being that the DJs have moved to a new home, Ocean Front Jams, and Mike's show is still the same slot as before, Sundays 4:00 to 6:00 PM central.


No, I have no idea why they called it that. It doesn't make any sense with them playing mostly rock music...I mean, I'd figure that'd be a station that plays stuff like steel drum bands, lol. Never even mind about the site design...But that's the name, and even if it's weird what really matters is there's still great content to be found there.

And now for yet more important news, you're not going to believe it...no, wait for it! I'm not gonna tell you if you spoil the moment for me! WE'RE GETTING DSL! IT IS ACTUALLY ALL FINALIZED AND WE'RE JUST WAITING FOR THE MODEM AND STUFF TO GET HERE!!!!!!!! I AM SO FRIGGING EXCITED!! Yes, you may expect to see a great deal more of me around. Which is why I have got back on Writer's Resource Center and am trying to stir things up again. I think I'm gonna e-mail all the people I know that used to be around there and see if I can convince them to come back...I might not have current addresses from all of them, but I'm sure gonna try. Any of my writer type friends those that HAVEN'T been on there before should totally give it a try because it's the nicest little place and the people are uber-smart and uber-helpful; I mean you pretty much CAN'T ask something so obscure that someone doesn't have a pretty good idea how to start researching, if not a direct and definitive answer, and they're beautifully random and pleasantly insane, too. And there's lots of random fun things to waste time on too, of course. *grins* I'm hoping I get some entries in the caption contest...the last couple there's only been one or two because the place has been nearly dead for so many months. *sigh* I'm as much to blame as anyone.

However, more related to the overall theme of this post, my dearest aniki Jim (kagejim) is going to be getting a show on Ocean Front Jams as well now that we're finally getting reliable high speed internet, so you all are invited to be tortured by listen to that too! lol

No, seriously, it's going to rock. And so far the plan is it's going to be Thursdays from 10:00 to midnight central. I'll try to post again if and when I have any more info, especially once I know when the first show will actually be. It might be the Thursday after this one.

So, that's what's going on now.

Oh, and there's the fact that I did somehow manage to win NaNoWriMo. I had to write like 15,000 words on the last day, and I had absolutely no idea I could do that, and I am so happy about it. Seriously, I have such a high going these days from that. I'm going to have to push myself a lot more with my writing in general now that I know what I'm capable of! Just not quite that much...I would post one of the winner graphics here but I don't feel like bother with uploading them to my scrapbook, so...later.
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Yoinked from aracelebearwen. There are few enough of this kind of meme that I really care for, but GOOD LORD this is funny! =^.^=


What Is Your Battle Cry?

Running on the icy wasteland, brandishing a jeweled meat hammer, cometh Rosie! And she gives a booming howl:

"Hail the blood-letting! I sow darkness and discord like a mad dog who can only get madder!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

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I never knew I could do that...seriously, I started out with fairly moderate goals that I completed more easily than I would have believed, getting 500 words in 30 mins when I allowed myself a full hour for that at first...and I've just kept improving from there.

Write or Die is seriously awesome. Exactly what I needed this year. Just being able to see my wordcount go up as I type is such a huge motivation. Having a real idea of how much progress I'm making instead of hoping for more than I get when I intermittently do a wordcount...yeah, pretty mind blowing. And seeing that clock ticking down is also very helpful, 'cause I can do quick, automatic calculations about how far behind or ahead I've gotten with my goal, which one way or the other always pushes me on...as in either "OMG I HAVE TO HURRY UP LIKE RIGHT THE EXPLETIVE NOW!" or "Wow, this is going better than I hoped. This stuff is easy! I'll be done in no time!"

And then when the screen starts changing color it makes the OCD-Imp go *twitch* You're not supposed to do that...so help me I'm gonna put you back in your place you saucy little machine!

And well, if I can get him on my side, I can pretty much do anything. So. It's all good. And it's not like the writing is taking a huge nose-dive in the quality department either. It's not good, but with few exceptions it's not worse than what I'd be doing anyway. There's just a few more sentences I know I'll need to overhaul and a few more minor characters whose names remain question marks for a while longer. *nods* It's just as fixable as my messes generally are. XD

So yeah, that's why I'm on-line now, I'm not wasting time that should be spent writing, I'm using an on-line tool to help with writing. And as long as I occasionally need a break anyway, I figured I'd stop by LJ again because I miss it so...

Really, my friends, if we ever do get DSL I'll be around a lot more again, and I can't wait to get back in touch with all of you. 'Cause you seriously rock my world. You're awesome peoples and just by being yourselves you challenge me to be a better person and think in totally different ways. And I've discovered that friendships have no expiration date...it's awesome the way everyone's so glad to see me when I do show up even if it's been forever and they ought by rights to be thinking I'd forgotten about them. *huge hugs all around*

Yeah, my friends ROCK!!!! \m/

And right about now special thanks are due to Sarah and Ian, who were actually kind enough to indulge my ridiculous request for attention of last night. XD Love you guys!
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Lol, I'm sorry, I can't help trolling for attention right now. I just had a 4,000 plus word day, and I don't even think I'm quite done yet. And I am stoked. And proud. And flat out vain.

I think actually someone should slap me...or brick me...or something...just make me shut up.

So, overall progress report...23,158 words so far. Which yes, is behind even for the 50k, never mind the 100 I was allegedly trying for. But I have hit my stride in a big way over the past few days and I think I'm gonna finish strong. If I keep getting days like this I'll at least get 70 or 80 thousand, which is still quite respectable, especially considering my persnickety writing habits that I have to overcome...though not so much when considering my nearly limitless free time. >_< Yeah, I fail as a writer. But that's okay, 'cause it's lotsa fun andyways.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled friends page...
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NaNoWriMo's coming peoples! *hops around* I'm very excited! I'm gonna be starting at midnight, I'm sure.

Last year before NaNaWriMo Jim and I discovered the Miyazaki movie Whisper of the Heart, which is VERY apropos. We were thinking it might be a tradition to watch it before NaNo every year, but we haven't this year. I highly recommend it to other wrimos. It's very inspiring, if also very strange and a little too happy and romantic (which is pretty much the same as saying it's Miyazaki). Actually, it was directed by Yoshifumi Kondo, but the screenplay was Miyazaki. Thank you, imdb. lol

So, this makes me wish to make a list of other good things for NaNoWriMo. Good music is vital, naturally. Of course I think sym metal is great for writing to, but it's not ideal for everything (certain scenes demand a different feel) or everyone. Classic video game music is very good, Castlevania and Final Fantasy and so on. Keiko Matsui is a very good Japanese jazz pianist, I like her stuff. Kow Otani, who composed the music for the anime Haibane-Renmei and the PS2 game Shadow of the Colossus, both excellent soundtracks for writing and excellent stories in themselves. Lord of the Rings music, hell yes. Also, my aniki's musicses are good. Jim's soundclick page. Check that out. I don't have any of his music on Mr. Lippertopper, and it makes me very sad. I need to bother him about that sometime, at least before the next NaNoWriMo! His music is good because it all falls into categories that are good for writing but there's a pretty broad range of stuff. Some ambient, some classical, some oriental sounding stuff, some video-games type music, and a lot of baroque--not literally baroque of course, actual baroque music is nearly impossible to write, but very much in that vein. So yeah, he covers most of the stuff I think is good to writing to. The symphonic metal is Mike's job though, hehe.

Sarah-chan! *points at the linky* Listen to the pretties! Jim loves cellos too! If you do not fall in love with either Fantasia for Cello Ensemble, Opus for Violincello, Homage to Bach, or Shogun's March I will have to disown you be very sad.

10 more minutes! Ack! It's coming! I'm 'unna go boot up my laptop and start starting to get started! *bouncebouncebounce* >.> <.< What? I'm not hyper.
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