August 13th, 2010


And a partidge in a pickle tree

It's always the pickles. >.>

How is everyone? It's been a couple glacial ages since I posted much here.

I'm doing quite well. I am determined to squeeze anything I can out of this life. I'm getting myself as healthy as I can. My short term goal is to get myself able to handle being active enough to handle both going to the library regularly again (at some point I'd like to start volunteering there, if they'll have me) and going to see T regularly as well. Just see him, really short term, not necessarily ride, just groom him and let him graze and stuff if that's all I'm up for...

I have nearly finished watching Gundam Wing and Buffy just lately. Yes, I was "mostly" through Gundam Wing ages and ages ago, we keep going on to other things for long whiles before coming back to it. Only two disks away though, so this time it really should be soon. XDDD

I really, really hope that The Last Unicorn movie gets made somehow some day. The sooner the better. Because if it takes so long that Christopher Lee is...retired...(I will not even think that other thing) and cannot reprise his role as King Haggard...I will cry, and then I will find any and all people involved with the delays and roast them alive. Seriously. Okay, not seriously. XD

I wish I could remember even half of the stuff I wanted to post about over the past several months...all I can come up with is so freaking boring...

I do still intend to finish my LotR quiz at some's gonna drive me a teeny bit crazy for many long ages to come.

We got a new ps2 maybe...six months ago, I'm guessing? Maybe a little more, even. Anyway, it's awesome not having to wait five minutes for stuff to load, and even better to finally be able to play Tekken Tag again! My fav game in the series.

We still don't have any of the next generation of consoles, but there aren't really that many great games out for them yet, imo, so that's no biggie. We'll get them eventually I'm sure.

Actually one of the games I've become excessively addicted to lately is Metroid. Yes, the original for the NES. Old school ftw. XDDDD

That's enough inane babble for now, I feel sick posting so much useless non-info. I'll come back when I have something meaningful to say.

Oh! I'm gearing up for NaNo early this year...getting an idea together for it now, that's at least slightly geared for NaNo because last year didn't go so well with trying to write one of the novels I've been planning for ages...that was at least mostly due to my health, but I still don't want to try that again after falling on my face...I don't even know whether to count it as an attempt though, I gave up pretty early for all practical purposes and only got like 2,000 words. Anywho, my inclination is to not count it, but that's more because I can't deal with the idea of having tried and failed than anything else. XD
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Lord of the Rings Online

(cross posting a couple places to try to get answers, sorry if I spam anyone's friends page)

I am all sorts of excited for the fact that this MMO is going free to play soon...but I am also trepidatious, seeing as the one and only piece of information I can NOT locate anywhere on their site or on DDO's (same company, fairly similar model so I'd assume it would be the same) is how it might work with multiple people playing from the same household. You need a product key to create an account. You are initially limited to one character per server on your account if playing for free. If you get a product key by downloading the game for free, that's all well and good, but then people would get around the character restriction simply by installing the game on multiple computers, so it would be can't be that simple.

I kinda doubt it's going to be possible for both Jim and I to play this game...and if it is I suspect we'll each be bound to a certain installation, which would leave me playing it on the cruddy computer that will probably have issues with running I kinda suspect I'm getting excited over nothing, 'cause that's not worth the trouble.

If anyone knows how the heck this actually works...actually has an LOTRO or DDO account...please let me know...
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