Rosie Gamgee (felis_stellaria) wrote,
Rosie Gamgee

La la la

Continuing to improve health wise. Still a ways from being out of the woods, as I've told a few of the people that have popped on to IM tonight. Have had bundles of fun with that. Huzzah!

I did a bit school wise, reading some Communidad. Got to go all nit-picky about lil things wrong with the translation. Fun fun.

Besides that...I've been wrestling Jet Motos 1 and 2 into submission, and having fun with various other games. Tekken, mostly. 'Specially Tag.

I watched Narnia, finally. And the bloopers thereto. Not the best bloopers, really, but 'twas muchly fun to see Jadis losing some dignity, lol. I bet whoever plays her is actually a really nice person. Seems to be one of the ironies of movie villains.

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