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Uh oh, she's going to rant. DANGER WILL ROBINSON! WARNING! WARNING!

Just go there and read the thing. The actual text of this bill, not some biased article about it or anything. I got several paragraphs in and just couldn't take it anymore.

This bill abolishes all small and/or organic farms. In the name of "food safety." Could it be more ironic?

So. The government gets to decide that ridiculous million dollar equipment is mandatory for farms. You have to keep track of every grain of wheat or you're going to be in huge trouble, because it's both illegal and punishable by a $500,000 fine to have false information in the detailed records of your food which the feds might come and examine at any time, and also to alter those records. Catch 22 much?

The government decides when and with what farms should be fertilized, what drugs animals should be given, just frigging EVERYTHING.

Obama claims he's going to support small farmers and then the first thing he does is try to rush this through with the typical lack of anyone getting to know anything about it. God, help me, I can't take it anymore.

My friendses, and any passersby that happen to care, there is a petition, and I'd ask that you sign it, because if all we're left with is the huge corporate farms that have a vague prayer of compliance with this then food prices are going to skyrocket and it's just one more brick in the wall of the downfall of our country and constitution. Not the end of the world, but it's at least that. I on the other hand have a pretty high personal stake in this. I know and admire some people involved in small farming and would hate to see them lose their chance at the life they love, and I'll be in huge trouble with my health because I have a strong tendency to be allergic to or otherwise have bad reactions to pesticides, antibiotics, etc.

Sign it. Please!

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