Rosie Gamgee (felis_stellaria) wrote,
Rosie Gamgee

Deck the halls with boughs of jelly

It's getting to be that wonderful, terrible time of year. An early happy Christmas, Hanukkah, or plain old solstice to everyone. After all, who knows when the next time I update will be. *laughs*

I've been thinking about my journal a lot lately...thinking about it but never posting in it. Strange how that works. I have been trying (and mostly failing XDD) to get myself motivated to do more things in real life, so that's part of it. I guess I've also started to grow beyond the point that it's helpful for me to journal about stuff to make sense of it or decide what to do. My own thoughts are a bit more organized and I'm less inclined to panic...about some things anyway. ^_^;; So yeah. That's a good thing. But I should still check in more often than I do because you folks are awesome.

Thanksgiving was awesome this year. Especially the potatoes. And the pumpkin cookies. In general, my family rocks. =^.^= Oh, and Jim has gotten better and better at playing guitar. It's always fun to listen to him playing when we all get together. 'Tis prettyful.

So...what else is new? Jim and I watched season one of Leverage together, that's a good show. And it has Christian Kane, the guy who played Lindsey from Angel. He's fun. ^^

You know, I keep wondering if some day I should take some massage therapy classes. I seem to have something of a talent for it...I just had to figure out how to stop myself from aching quite so much constantly and it turns out it works for others too...but maybe it's only people in my family. I mean, it'd make sense we'd tend to have the same problems. Hmm.

Well...I'm here pretending everything is all right (which is pretty close to true, really), because it's more fun than thinking in circles about things I can't change. And eventually the pretending becomes the reality, because I'm learning more and more how to bounce back from things. Random drama like this is quick to pass if you don't indulge it. And I have no doubt at all that I made the right decision. The only problem with all that is I'm still going to miss my friends from the site where it all went down...but hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with at least one of them. *crosses fingers* At any rate, being something of a mix but way more introverted than extroverted means I was becoming a very depressing person to be around, and I sure wasn't having any fun anymore.

Introverts, to over-simplify it, are not anti-social, but people who find other people tiring. I can't handle people wanting to interact with me and not giving me any time to recover. If someone forces me into that situation (thank goodness so few do) it always deteriorates until the only thing for me to do is leave and break all ties. *shakes head*

Am I the only one around here that feels that way? Just how much of an anomaly is this?

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