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Rosie Gamgee

*checks calendar* HOLY TIME-TRAVEL BATMAN!

Wait a--how did--what the--?

It's Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas all!

Seriously, I would've sworn it was the twenty-third when I woke up today...and it feels a few days earlier still.

Star Wars marathon on Spike! YAYS! *watching the AT-ATs closing in on the rebel base* Dang, I love these movies!

In other news, there is much fan-girling
So, since I have some links in my saved draft here I really need to make a brief plug for my good friend the_least's comic Crimson Dark. And no, I don't need to because he's my friend (I'm not shy about telling people I think their stuff isn't up to snuff or at least just isn't my kind of thing), I need to because it honestly just rocks. I was thinking about it after getting addicted to it again a couple weeks back and blazing through a chapter and a half in one sitting (I finished chapter four, still need to make up four more! Boy I got pretty far behind there. =o.o= Think I kinda like it that way though, waiting for updates would be torment.). And I think this is my favoritest sci-fi story in any medium after Firefly and Star Wars. I like this better than anything else I can think of (no specific examples provided because I don't want to sound like I'm knocking anything else or have this turn into some discussion about what the "best" science fiction ever was). I mean, seriously, it is not every day that something comes along that shoots that high up on my list. I like to keep things the way they are because I'm stubborn and nostalgic and the OCD-Imp is highly resistant to change. This kinda has me all "Kitty can't believe it!" =0.0=
Of course, I have been known to get a little over-enthusiastic about things and make some sweeping statements like this that turn out not to be true. If this turns out to be one of those cases you all have my sincere apologies. =^.^;;=

I seriously can't recommend this enough to anyone that likes sci-fi or just general great writing and epic plots and wit and awesome, believable, sometimes quirky characters and WOULD YOU FREAKING LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS THE ART IS?

I get so lost sometimes in the sea of detail in the nebulae and the vast star fields and the gorgeous planets and the PRETTY ASPLOSIONS!!!

Also, the many and diverse ship designs continually delight me. Seriously, when I got my first good look at the oh so sleek and deadly Durandal marauder it was a long while before I could stop squeeing.

And you wanna know what the truly remarkable thing is? However good the visuals are they always get better over time. Little things are corrected, tweaked, perfected, that I didn't even realize were wrong until I see how much better the new versions are. I especially loved when the reflections were added to the eyes...when I saw it I remembered vaguely thinking that sometimes the eyes did look just a little dead in some of the earlier pages, and thinking how completely opposite that was all of a sudden...dang.

And it's not just that everything looks real or nearly real, or the fact that there's all this detail. It's the way the scenes are set, it's the lighting, it's the camera angles, it's every. last. little. thing.

To top it all off, I've just spent a good sized post rambling about the visuals which aren't even my favorite part. They're amazing, but I'm sure I would have gotten bored with them a long time ago if it wasn't for the writing. It's the characters and story that really make it for me. The plot is quite epic imo, but still firmly based around those amazing characters, and there's still room for some startlingly everyday scenes at times.

And those characters. The kind that make me talk to my computer monitor. "Me too!" and "" and "You really are an a-hole, aren't you?" and "BWAHAHAHAHAHA! WHISPER!!!! Oh, I love you."

The thing is, I don't really want to babble too much about plot and characters 'cause that'd get spoiler-filled right quick. So I leave you to marvel at the visuals. And hopefully interested enough to start reading. Because I MASSIVELY ADORE this comic right now, and I just need someone to adore it with me. XDDDDDDD

Okay, that's enough of the fan-girling for now. XD If anyone's interested I have found a few other comics I rather like, mostly from links posted on CD or links found through links or occasionally listening to the Gigcast. My favorite out of these is Gunnerkrigg Court because it is just too delightfully quirky. XD I've only read the first chapter of that though.

Wow, in the time it took me to finish this now R2 and 3PO have just come to Jabba. Went through a whole movie. And not a short one. Yeah, I need to learn how to brain more quickly. Of course I was multi-tasking a bit...but not much.
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