Rosie Gamgee (felis_stellaria) wrote,
Rosie Gamgee


A reminder? or else the first post I've made about something I've been meaning to do forever. You remember how I was all addicted to Mike's show on which he played all the awesome symphonic metal and stuff? And then my brudder Jim got his own show? And then he got another show? Yes? No?

Well, anyway, that's what happened. And Whiplash Radio is no more...'tis now all on Ocean Front Jams.

So. Mike's show, The That Which Must Not Be Named Show, is Sunday 4-6 pm Central. Jim's metal type show, The Maelstrom, is Thursday 9pm-12ish. YES HE WILL BE ON TONIGHT which is why I thunk of it. The Classical Hour, Jim's other show, is Saturday 11am-12 (also sometimes goes a little later, depends). Please remember to tune in for these, people, because they is awesome. That is all.

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