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Starlit Wanderings


Rosie Gamgee
NOTE: MY ACCOUNT IS NOW PLUS, BUT I WOULD BE WILLING TO CHANGE BACK TO FREE IF ANYONE IS BOTHERED BY IT. I love my icons, but they're not worth losing a potential friend.

I never know what to say in these things. Um, I love animals, especially the equine. The last of my guinea pigs has passed on now so I am without furry friend of my own, sadly.

I write stories and poetry, mostly fantasy, and J.R.R. Tolkien is my idol in that field. This is one of the more important things in my life, for all that I have basically no time for it anymore, and never finish anything even when I do.

I am madly in love with Anime, but only certain...um, styles I guess. None of the Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh type stuff. Which reminds me I like to draw. But I don't draw Manga, I've never been anything but a realist in that field, or at most a wee bit stylized. Have even less time for that than I do for writing.

Basically I don't think I'm going to talk a whole lot about my life in this LJ, possibly more about my tastes and opinions. Not to say that I won't mention anything personal at all but...ARGH, how do you put something like this? I GIVE UP!!! *Update* It seems actually I do rather talk more about my life than anything, formerly a lot of whining about my bad health (you'll probably want to avoid the first year or so of my archives). I'm finally starting to get a balance of real-life without too much drama (which I hate but can never seem to avoid) and writing type stuff and other interesting tidbits.

Oh, and the most important thing in the world to me is my Catholic faith. Not that I'd rant much about that of all things in an LJ, but it "underpins" everything that I do.

Besides that, if you take one look at my interests, you will see that I am the primordial nerd, and proud of it. I'm a youngish person, about 20, I won't be more specific than that, what memes may come.

I like music better than movies generally (and books best of all), especially Renaissance, traditional Irish, progressive metal, and Trance. Sounds perhaps fascinate me more than images; I love mythology and languages. There are more than a dozen I want to learn someday, but right now am just trying to get through to my brain about Spanish, which is a very simple language compared with English but may yet be too hard for me, lol. This of course is why I have a latin screen name (meaning star cat). 'Kay, this wasn't at all what I expected to write, but I guess 'tis pretty much me, so it's all good...if weird.

I would just like to add here that I am now using two icons created by my friend Ara, also known as ACE. The lily one was created specifically for me, the Frodo one I shamefully stole from her loving arms. I greatly love them both. Well, now I have replaced the lily with a rose, and she has been so kind as to create the gorgeous icon with the horse's head for me. I love it all to bits.

All right, since LJ is cruel and only lets you have 150 interests, I'm going to list those I don't have room for here: 42, a song of ice and fire, a word a day, adam savage, affirmed, african languages, alydar, bad astronomy, battlestar galactica, batman, b.b. king, being, being the straight woman, blues, british humour, british spelling, calvin and hobbes, calvaro v, carthago z, catholicism, celes, citation, classical music, classical mythology, count fleet, damar, david kaye, dirty jobs, don messick, dreaming, dream-like imagery, dreams, duct tape, engrish, everything, expecting the spanish inquisition, exploration, flik, frank welker, fullmetal alchemist, gaelic storm, gankutsuou, genuine risk, graf george, grant imahara, guitar/s, gundam wing, human nature, imagination, irish folklore, kari byron, kawamoto makoto, kazu matsui, jamie hyneman, jeff bennett, jesting, jim cummings, joji (george) nakata, laws of nature, kevin conroy, lo mein, led zeppelin, leonard nimoy, locke, long hair, luthien tinuviel, man o' war, mega man, mel blanc, mental images, metallica, meteorology, mike rowe, mondegreens, muddy waters, music, my little pony, mythbusteres, nancy cartwright, native american languages, native american music, native american prayers, natural law, nature, nerds, novels, outdoors, outlaw star, pern, peter cullen, philosophy, phil plait, prayers, ramza, raven, real quiet, religion, rob paulsen, root beer, sarcasm, science, science fiction, scottie chapman, susan blu, seattle slew, secretariat, shiny things, silver charm, singing, solas, spontaneity, sword-fighting, tara strong, teen titans, teenage mutant ninja turtles (the NES games and the original series! The new one stinks.) terra, the bothy band, the fairly oddparents, the legend of zelda, the squire's tales, the transformers, tiznow, tory belleci, tress mcneil, vampire hunter d: bloodlust, voice acting, weather, words

Also, I should say I am very much interested in my friends and friendship, but I don't like to put it that way. Calling it an "interest" seems demeaning. Formerly I had one of my friends listed in the interests but removed her name for that reason, but I still love her, make no mistake.

Things that I'd like to have in my interests that are actually absurd inside jokes that no one will get: "all shall vanquish", almost human sometimes, bad feelings about this, brain sieve syndrome, CRS, cornelius, DEE-BAH-DEEs, douglas, eating a whole planet, evil brain sucking blond wigs, fairy tales written by rabbits, feetses, flying pants, glass, handses, eyes, faces, "I collect paper dolls", jack and sh--, judy, leroy, moncri, Neko-dancing, "not wacko, wonko", myas, OMZ shiny things!, pete aka petros, pyros, sending the crazy waldorf salad, spare hallways, STOOOPID CARTOONS!, stupor heroes, superior intelligence vacators, the judy in me, uuuicorn!, we scare crazy people™, yellow carpets with yellow and a half polka dots
alison krauss, altan, anime, anne mccaffrey, apocalyptica, apologetics, art, astronomy, bach, baroque music, being a nerd, being weird, blind guardian, bluegrass, books, bruce coville, c.s.lewis, cats, celtic art, celtic culture, cherish the ladies, chinese, coen janssen, costume design, cowboy bebop, dark elves, deedlit, discworld, dogs, drawing, elves, england, epica, fairies, fantasy, fantasy art, fantasy books, fiddle, final fantasy, finland, finnish, firefly, folklore, gaelic, geeks, gerald morris, german, haibane renmei, haibane-renmei, harpsichords, hayao miyazaki, historic costuming, history, hobbits, homestar runner, horses, ireland, irish gaelic, j-pop, j-rock, j.r.r. tolkien, japan, japanese, japanese culture, japanese music, jrrt, june carter cash, keiko matsui, kitaro, l'arc~en~ciel, languages, latin, learning, linguistics, literature, lord of the rings, lotr, lullacry, lute, lutes, lyrics, maire brennan, manga, martial arts, michael romeo, monty python, moonlight, my fair lady, mythologies, mythology, narnia, nightwish, nobuo uematsu, norse culture, old english, patricia mckillip, playstation, poems, poetry, praetorius, prattchet, progressive metal, rakka, reading, record of lodoss war, reki, renaissance music, ricky skaggs, robin mckinley, role-playing, rpgs, runes, rush, russel allen, rydia, someday's dreamers, sonata arctica, spanish, star gazing, star trek, star wars, stars, stellvia, stevie ray vaughan, suikoden, swords, symphony x, tenchu, the chieftains, the fionavar tapestry, the force, the last unicorn, the princess bride, the sound of music, the tolkien forum, the unicorn chronicles, tin whistle, tolkien, traditional irish music, trance, tsubasa, ttf, union station, useless trivia, video games, vivaldi, welsh, within temptation, word-smithing, writing